I am a qualified art psychotherapist and am registered with ANZACATA (The Australian, New Zealand and Asian Creative Arts Therapies Association).

I gained my Masters in Art Therapy at Western Sydney University and also hold a BA in the Visual Arts from the City Art Institute, Sydney.

My interest in art psychotherapy arose through my own awareness of the potential of art for personal growth and healing. I maintain my own drawing and painting studio practice and this continues to inform the way I view and experience art processes and materials.

Over the fifteen years I have been practising as an art psychotherapist I have gained a depth focus on the creative process and inter-relationships. My ongoing professional development studies have led me to become a psychoanalytically informed practitioner. This means that I work from an interpersonal and relational perspective that takes into consideration inter and intra psychic communications and phenomena.

I am registered with and able to take referrals from the Blue Knot Foundation. The Blue Knot Foundation supports people with complex trauma histories and is an educational platform for those whose lives have been impacted by overwhelming, traumatic events.

I currently work in private practice. Over the years I have worked in community health including the South Eastern Sydney Area Health Service and The Benevolent Society’s Early Intervention Program where I worked in the area of perinatal and infant mental health. I have been a supervisor and casual lecturer on the Master of Art Therapy at the University of Western Sydney and contribute to the literature via publication and peer review (see links).