Art psychotherapy is suitable for all age groups. As it is a psychotherapy that involves art making as well as talking it is suitable for people who are looking for non-verbal and art based ways to express themselves.


Children often will spontaneously express themselves with art materials so art psychotherapy can be a good fit for children. Children who experience emotional and behavioural difficulties often benefit from an art psychotherapy experience.

It is suitable for adults who may be experiencing:

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • chronic illness

  • chronic pain

  • post traumatic stress

  • life change challenges such as job loss or relocation

  • family and relationship issues

  • grief and loss

It is suitable for children who are experiencing the above issues and can also assist with:

  • behavioural difficulties

  • developmental issues


  • I am registered with ANZACATA as a professional supervisor and offer supervision for registered art psychotherapy practitioners